About us

High standards, Low Preoccupations


We are forward-thinkers in traveler accommodation. We believe holidays are not just a job break but the time to discover new sensations, take out the adventurer that you carry inside and vibrate in harmony with the new places you visit.


What Makes Us Happy


Pénde Serifos hotels mission is to provide you with unparalleled living experiences throughout comforting spaces made to rest serenely, unwind and enjoy.

We know that every detail counts, even more when you travel and look for high quality standards in the hotels where you stay. Our goal is to offer the maximum comfort to our guests and make your vacation an exceptional experience.


Pénde Team


Our team is composed of Serifos lovers whose aim is to share this passion and celebrate life with you, travellers.

Being ourselves offbeat people, always searching for something fresh and sophisticated in many aspects – music, food, decor, art… – we have created Pénde Serifos hotels as a diferent option for travellers to discover Serifos island, trying to get away of the conventional way to offer holiday experiences.


Pénde Serifos Vibes


Immerse yourself completely in our mini boutique hotel Pénde Suites. Have a locally sourced breakfast while wearing a fresh bathrobe on the laid-back terrace of your Suite.

When seeking to combine the aesthetic and the comfort of a traditional home that can accommodate a whole family or a group of friends for your holidays then choose our Villas to get the most of your vacation in the Greek Islands. Our spacious houses are a beautiful shelter to relax and enjoy the stunning island nights of haunting beauty on your private veranda with panoramic sea view to the beach.

Unique hotel location in the entire Island falls short to describe our Natura Cottages, just made for high-standards travelers. Discover your our own retreat in this energizing place.

Greece is the perfect destination for urban people seeking to explore authenticity in places. Serifos Island is the place for cool, easy going people where to find peace and a pleasant routine break.

Stay tuned for hearing about exclusive accommodation offers, refreshing island activities, retreats, upcoming projects and genuine posts in our blog.

Hotels, apartments and villas with sea view for your holidays in Serifos Island, Greece.

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