There is a bunch of reasons to pack your bag right away and hop into Serifos. Here are a few to get you in the track.

1 The exoticism of her beaches is simply irrefutable

The reason why this one comes in the first place falls by its own weight: Serifos beaches are a pa-ra-di-se-on-Earth. The majority is non-organized, so you are welcomed to place your beachy stuff wherever you please and bloom into the sea, and the beauty and nature of the place is free of visual pollution. Waters are clean and crystal-clear. The hues of blue diversify from marine ones to turquoise with white bottoms, allowing you to enjoy the sea fauna, an authentic pleasure for snorkeling lovers.

Livadakia beach Serifos

2 An epic Hora

It shines at sunset up in the mountain like a white garland over the naked hills. Serifos Hora is the capital of the island, bright and proud she tells her own story. Horas all around the Cyclades were built in an astonishing hard way. Locals had nothing more than their donkeys and steep pebble stairways in order to protect themselves from the pirates.

Serifos Chora

3 Hidden spots waiting for audacious travelers

Villages barely inhabited, beaches only reached by boat or hiking paths and off road routes are just a clue of what Serifos hides.

4 Serifians wandering peacefully

Keeping alive their roots, they are simply authentic and always ready to help. They usually occupy themselves as small farmers cultivating local products. Potatoes, fleshy tomatoes, red onions, fresh eggs and cheese, all you can imaging Mediterranean stuff. Not to mention the gorgeous fresh fish from the fishing boats (called ‘kaikis’ in Greek) arriving early in the morning and selling their stunning pieces right in the port.

Traditional greek fisihing boat in the port of Serifos island
Town hall square Serifos with a local and his monkey

5 Rocky Mountains and golden hills

Discover her dozens of hiking paths. Its mountainous reliefs are a real challenge for the sport lovers. A natural paradise, arid like dessert in summer but exploiting in life during spring. When riding, Serifos is easy to wander around, her almost circled shape makes it handy and easy to travel.

rocky and arid Serifos landscape

6 Tradition

Religious festivities, called ‘panigiria’, are a great opportunity to live first-hand the local tradition. It’s the best way to socialize and share moments with a summer festive air. Serifians’ generosity expresses itself by cooking serving and offering their wine and food to neighbors and foreigners. The biggest celebration all around Greece takes place on the eve of August 15th, where the down of Virgin Mary is honored.

small cycladic chapel interior
Bell tower in Serifos
serifos church detail

7 Way of living

A chilled out, bohemian vibe is in the atmosphere. Once you step in Serifos you feel how time moves flawlessly. You will forget about time and phones even without realizing it. The easiness of salty haired beach people walking bare footed back and forth in the port and the white linens and vaporous dresses and espadrilles are mixed in a festive air of beautiful people.

Luxury hotel in Serifos Island

8 Find your peaceful place even in high season

Serifos still offers you the privilege to find beaches where you are almost alone. There is no airport neither cruises docking so this obviously diminish the people that arrive in Serifos.

9 Taste of local shopping

You would not ever imagine finding such exquisite pieces of high quality linen, handmade ceramics or delicate pieces of jewelry. Tiny stores, sometimes hidden among the narrow alleys of Hora and the Port, open every season with their enchanting goods hanging on the walls.

Cycladic ceramic plates Serifos
Greek sandals and beach bag on a fishing boat Serifos


10 The lightweight connection between past and present

Serifos emanates a captivating energy. Balanced and soothing, probably inherited from ancient times, where time was valuable and measured in a different way.

traditional cycladic holding item

11 Irresistible architecture

Clear forms, natural materials and the union in harmony between tradition and contemporary Cycladic style are the perfect ingredients to create stunning residences. Luxury accommodation is at hand. For the easy-life and no-vehicle travelers check the Suites, for the natural adventurers the Natura Residences, and our Villas are the place to stay when travelling with family or friends.

Serifos houses
Eco-friendly cottage in Serifos Natura area interior space
Keli hotel Serifos
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