Serifos belongs to the well-known Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea. However, it is the great unknown of the Greek Archipelago, which has allowed to maintain her allure almost intact.

Situated in the Western Cyclades, with Kythnos to the North, Sifnos to the East and Milos to the South as the closest neighbors, Serifos location is so convenient thanks to her proximity both to the main port of Athens, Piraeus, and the rest of the Cycladic islands. You can cruise by fast ferry and be in Serifos in just two and a half hours! Which is ideal for a weekend escapade. There is also the slow ferry choice for those romantic, serene spirits.

Livadi beach Serifos Island
yellow fishing net in Serifos marina
Chora Serifos

Flourishing island

Although it has been kept secret as a precious treasure by locals, in recent years Serifos has been growing in popularity among the cosmopolitan Athenian youth, becoming a much sought-after destination. The island is quickly becoming the trendy, fresh, offbeat Greek island choice to get to know. As a manner of fact, Serifos has always been preferred by bohemian people. The reason? There is kind of special vibe that attracts arty people, searching for peaceful inspiration. That’s how the idea of creating Pénde Serifos brand was born, as the idyllic refuge for those modern travelers.

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The length from East to West and from North to South is around 10 Km, thus the distance between places is relatively small, making Serifos easy to ride and explore. From Livadi port where all ferries arrive, you can head to the main villages of the island: Chora to the North (inland) Ramos and Mega Livadi to the West, Kalitsos and Panagia to the East-North.

white rock in Serifos beach Agios Sostis


What mesmerizes you the most when wandering around Serifos in summertime is her arid geography. Bare hills upholstered with small drought shrubs make her contour outline clean and neat. It’s hard to believe in wintertime this rough aridness becomes a green blanket with streams of fresh water running down the hills. Spring is one of the most beautiful periods to visit the island, you only spot locals and nature is in its most fruitful state. But whatever the season, this place will captivate your senses.

Agios Sostis beach from afar Serifos Island
smal fishing boat decorated with colorful garland
fishing yellow net
bird views of serifos from the top of chora castle
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